Tropical sore bandagesleprosy bandages

These are good to knit for personal use, for storage in your first aid kits.  They can be boiled and reused if needed, and are sturdier than gauze.

These were formerly called"LEPROSY BANDAGES".  Most places where we used to send them, now use other types of bandages to help people with Hansens Disease, but this place still uses them and they have their own versions of patterns, but these would worlk too.  
The addresses to mail them are all outside of the USA.  (updated Aug 2018)

PATTERNS you can use
Size: approximately 3" - 4"  inches wide by 4 feet long.

Material specifications: No. 10 knit Cro-sheen, 100% mercerized cotton in white, cream or ecru. 
(1 small ball 225 yds- should make 1 knitted bandage)
Knitting needles:
US 2 = 2.75 mm = UK size 12
US size 3 = 3.25 mm = UK size 10

Crochet hooks:
US size D = 3.00 mm = UK size 11
US size E = 3.50 mm = UK size 9

Do not use dyes/colors.
*When completed, roll bandages and secure with a large (2") safety pin.
*Put in plastic bag, remove air, and seal.

If you wish to print these patterns, left click on your mouse and hold the button down, drag the curser over the words you wish to print to highlight them, then let go of button.  Hit ctrl-C to copy.  Then open up WORD and paste (ctrl-V) it in there.


Hand Knitted Bandage:

US size 2 = 2.75 mm = UK size 12 OR US size 3 = 3.25 mm = UK size 10
knitting needles if you knit average or loosely, size 3 needles if you knit tightly.
8 sts = 1"  12 rows = 1"

Cast on 24 to 27 stitches so the bandage measures 3"- 4" across.
Knit every row until bandage is desired length of about 4 feet long, then bind off, leaving a 2-3" tail to weave in.
(The edge looks neater if you slip the first stitch of each row instead of knitting it.)
Secure tail by slipping thread through last stitch, tying a small knot, and weaving end back through stitches.

Crocheted Bandage:
Use US size D = 3.00 mm = UK size 11 or US size E = 3.50 mm = UK size 9 (looser tension desirable).
Chain enough stitches (23-26) to measure 3" - 4"  in width.

(GAUGE: 23 chs and an E hook, and it takes about 6 rows to equal one inch.) 

Row 1: Single crochet into each chain. Chain 1 and turn. 
Rows 2: 
Single crochet into each sc across row. Ch 1 and turn. Continue to single crochet to end, chain 1 and turn
Row 3 - ? (4 feet long) Repeat row 2 until bandage measures about 4' long. Finish off by pulling thread through last loop and secure with a knot. Weave end back through stitches. I use a sewing needle to do this.


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