Charity Never Faileth
Copyright Sandy Riggs 2001, All Rights Reserved

Pattern Name: Charity Never Faileth

Designed By: Sandy Riggs
Fabric: Aida 10, White
56w X 68h Counts

Size(s): 10 Count, 5-1/2w X 6-3/4h in

11 Count, 5w X 6-1/8h in

14 Count, 4w X 4-3/4h in

  Strands     Type   Number     Color

      3            DMC            1                 White

      3            DMC          712                Cream

      3            DMC          792              Cornflower Blue-DK

      3            DMC          793              Cornflower Blue-MD

      3            DMC         820                 Royal Blue-VY DK

Floss Used for Half Stitches:

     Strands    Type     Number       Color

        3           DMC         1              White

Floss Used for Backstitches:

     Strands       Type      Number         Color

       2                DMC       792         Cornflower Blue-DK

       2                DMC       820         Royal Blue-VY DK

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