Bev's AVON design for shirts or pins.
Copyright 2002 Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved.
You may use this for personal use only.  Do not copy this to other websites, do not sell this pattern, or sell items made from it.

Grid Size: 40 W  x  18 H
Cloth Count: 14
Design Area: 2.86" W  x  1.29" H   ( 37 x 14 stitches )

Color Key in DMC floss
310  black
712  cream (0/822)
666  christmas red - br
961  dusty rose - dk
311  2 navy blue - md
598  turquoise - lt

Can be either cross stitched with waste aida cloth onto a shirt, or you can make a pin from it.  Just stitch it onto regular AIDA cloth, and when you are finished, used white glue to 'glaze' it.  It will dry and harden clear... then you can hot glue a pin back onto it.

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