Antique ZigZag Preemie Bonnet
(Pattern and instructions sent by Shell to Bev Qualheim- used with permission)
Copyright 2000 NANA

1 square foot of handkerchief linen. (It looks like an heirloom garment made from that.) 
It's only about 1.50 a yard too so you get tons of fabric for a couple of dollars. 

This pattern will fit a 2-3 pound baby.  The outside edges should be zigzagged to
finish the edges and then have a small lace attached to it.
The flowers are done with ribbon embroidery (a spider web rose with two lazy daisy stitch leaves)
Do the embroidery on what seems to be the "wrong side"
because you will fold back the bonnet on the dotted line.
Match circles (.) on the other points and stitch together to form bonnet back.
Attach ties on either side of folded "brim".

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