Father's Day ScrapBasket
Copyright 2002 Sandy Riggs .
Used by permission                                            

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Materials Used:

For this project, I asked our daughter to choose photos of her, of her and her dad,  and photos of some of dad's
favorite things (she chose a photo of the neighbor's kitten and a picture of her family when she was a baby!)

She also decided to use photos of special times she had with her dad, which included a photo of her and dad at the beach, at Seaworld and a picture of her dad holding her when she was only a few hours old.

Gather the photos together crop and center them on acid free card stock.  I cut out stars, hearts and house shapes and centered photos on them.

 Use glue stick to adhere photos to card stock.   Use gel pens to embellish the borders of the card stock  and to write a phrase or words describing the pictures.  We used scrapbooking pinking scissors to make a scalloped looking border.

Cut the floral foam to fit the  basket (very easy to cut with regular scissors) .  Tape the wooden skewers to the back side of the prepared card stock.  Gently poke the skewers into the floral foam.  You can vary the height of the card stock photos by pushing some of the skewers into the floral foam higher or lower than others.

Cover the floral foam with shredded tissue paper (color of your choice...we used white).  Use enough tissue paper so that the foam doesn't show.  Place little knick knacks in the basket , on top of the tissue paper and surrounding the skewered photos.  We used sea shells because we used pictures of dad and daughter at the beach and at Sea World.

This project can be used for all kinds of holidays and themes.  Your imagination is the limit!

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