Here are some wonderful pages sent by a Desiree A Roberts.  I thank her for her kindness in sharing these terrific pages with us that she made on her computer. I asked Dee how she did the photos and here is what she shared with me:

"I use a couple of programs. One is Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Printmaster Gold 12. I scan my photos in with Photoshop, and fix them up, then I create the pages in Printmaster. I found if I scan the photos in with Photoshop, I can even bring the colors back into photos that have faded. You know the old 110 pics that have yellowed or browned out. It is wonderful to see the pics back in original shape. I have a HP deskjet 842C printer that works great for photos."

(I have reduced all pages for formatting. Bev)

Please send your scrapbook page layout ideas,
to Bev

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