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My Bug-out Bag
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Here's what's in my Bug-out bag, which is a large sturdy backpack.  I orginally did this because I lived within 10 miles of a nuclear plant, and the shelters wouldn't take animals.  I couldn't leave my cats behind anymore than I could leave a child behind.  So I decided how to get all three of us outta there.  Since the hotels would fill up with families, I also figured we might have to spend the night in the car until I could get to either my folks' place or my sister's, depending on the traffic.

*Advanced First Aid kit, with EMT shears, big bottle of Advil, Benedryl, eye drops, extra bandaids, and decongestants.  BUG SPRAY.

*Brass candle lantern, capable of being converted into a small heat source (it will get a cup of water pretty hot).  16 "emergency candles" for the lantern.

*"Space Blanket" and mirror for signaling

*1 week of dehydrated camping food -- also rotate in and out 2 boxes of SlimFast bars.

*eating utensils, which are on a metal ring and can't be lost; also, a flint and striker, and dryer lint packed into a film container with a dab of vaseline (great fire starter). (all stuffed down into a pair of socks)

*Knife and sharpener

*Water filter/pump and collapsible water container.

*Pads and tampons -- did I mention ADVIL?

*7 changes of undies, but I put in sports bras, not the regular ones.

*Baby wipes -- to keep ME clean.

*Cat food, leashes, collapsable carrier.

*Metal mess kit with cup, with waterless cleaner.

*half of a roll of paper towels with the roll sealed on one end and toothbrush and tooth paste stuffed down in the tube.  Undies stuffed into the tube.

*Ziplocs, various sizes.

*Pinch lites (the little led things, perfect for finding your way to the potty in unfamiliar surroundings)

*I put socks in every nook and cranny; they're just too useful as emergency mittens, and they keep things from rattling.

*Cat food, cat leashes, and I've got a collapsable carrier I can use tied to the outside of the backpack so it can't get "lost"; collapsible "kitty food/water" bowls.

*Solar battery recharger, and radio with recharge batteries in it.


*Last pair of glasses before those I wear now.

*T-shirt, sweatshirt, and jeans.  Extra shoe laces, and TOE NAIL CLIPPERS.  Also mole skin, in case I get a blister.

*old sneakers tied to an outside loop of the back pack.

* Pen, pencils, pencil sharpener, paper, stamps, envelopes.

*Rope, and small tarp.

*Yarn and crochet hook

*Small sewing kit.

Believe it or not, it all fits, and it's not so heavy I can't carry it on my back and the cats in their carrier.

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