First Aid Kit
It really is easy to put together a simple first aid kit.  Many are available at a low cost from major dept. stores also

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Sturdy Plastic box-- you can get these in camping depts. or in craft depts of stores
1st Aid manual -- I recommend one of the above. We have the Emergency Medical Treatment book and it is really good!

Bandages - assorted sizes
cleansing wipes
antiseptic ointment or tea tree oil
sterile gauze pads - 2" and 4" pads
sterile gauze roll
2 sanitary napkins
first aid tape (the white tape)
Safety pins: To fasten bandages
Triangular Bandage
Elastic Wraps: For wrapping wrist, ankle, knee, and elbow injuries
Ipecac syrup and activated charcoal- only use on advice of a doctor
disposable gloves
small mirror - use to reflect sunlight and attract attention

List of emergency telephone numbers.  (Recommended that you always carry a cell-phone when travelling)