Crochet ~ Preemie Booties in 3 sizes
(courtesy of Carewear)
Photo courtesy of FamilyDiva - thanks!!

Using size E or F hook and baby yarn, ch 16 (or 18 or 20) st.
ROW 1: Sc in the back of the second ch from hook. All remaining sc are worked in back loop only for ribbed effect. Sc in back of remaining 14(16-18) st. Ch 1; turn.
ROW 2: Sc in each st across. There should be 14 (16-18) st; ch 1 and turn.
ROW 3-20: Repeat row 2, omitting ch 1 at end of row 20. There should be 10 ridges and 10 valleys.

TO FORM TOE: Fold so that rows 1 and 20 face each other. Slip st rows 1 and 20 together for 7(8,9) st. Draw up a loop and remove hook. With a short piece of yarn and a needle, whip together the open heel to form the base of the bootie leg. Tie off end.

TO MAKE LEG: Reinsert crochet hook in loop at instep. Ch 3, dc in each st around leg, join with sl st.

*Chain 3, dc in each st around leg, join with sl st. Repeat from * once more. Join with sl st and fasten off.
TO CLOSE TOE: With a short piece of yarn and needle, pick up the top st of each ridge of the open toe.
Draw together and tie securely.  Add a ribbon or ch a string to weave through ankle and tie in a bow. Make another!


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