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Pobble's Way

I just think this is one of the most beautiful children's books with a lovely, creative story, that I have seen in many years.  The story is wonderful, and will easily engage children and parents right away.  Pobble and her daddy go for a winters stroll, and as sometimes happens, Pobble loses her warm, pink mitten in the snow.  That's when the animals have a fun time trying to figure out what that soft, pink item is used for.  Will Pobble get her mitten back?  Well, you will have to read the book to find out. 

What a treasure of artwork with it's bright colors and just lovely illustrations, with so much to see and talk about in each picture.
You can purchase this book today from Amazon and you can make a pair of Pobbles Mitts for your little girl or boy too with Bev's official pattern. (see below).  What an original gift for a grandma or Aunty to give too; a gorgeous book and handmade mitts! 

Make a pair of mittens like Pobble's for your child in pink or blue.
 Pobble's MITTENS
(pattern by Beverly A. Qualheim-copyright 2011)  photo by caterinacampo

3 Sizes: Ages  3-5  (6-8)   (9-11)
2 oz (Approx. 30 yds for the cuffs and 70 yds for the hands)  in pink 4 ply worsted weight yarn (10 ply yarn in England) for cuff, and a medium fluffy/bulky yarn for the hand.
2 stitch holders and yarn sewing needle.
Knitting needles sizes 5/3.75 mm and 7/4.5 mm for smallest size mittens and  (6/4.00 mm and 8/5.00 mm for larger sizes)

Gauge with size 8 needles: 5 sts = 1"  6 rows=1"
Both mittens can be knitted at the same time.  Simply use 2 skeins of the same yarn, or yarn from the middle and outside of the same skein.  Cast on 2 mittens on the same needle and work across using the yarn from one skein for one mitten and yarn from the other skein for the 2nd mitten.  Works great!

CUFF in regular pastel pink or blue- (using smaller needles): Cast on 28 sts. Work in ribbing of k1, p1 for 10 (12) (14) rows.
HAND using fluffier yarn: (using larger needles)
Row 1: inc 1 st in each of first 2 sts,  k across, inc 1 st in each of last 2 sts - 32 sts.
Row 2 and all EVEN rows: Purl

Row 3: Knit 
Row 5: K 15, place marker on needle, increase in each of the next 2 sts, place a marker on needle, k 15.
Row 7: K 15, slip marker, increase in next st (make your increase by knitting into base of  next stitch instead of into top of the next st.  Makes for a neater increase.), k2, increase in next st, slip marker, k 15.  Continue  to increase 1 st after first marker and before 2nd marker every k row until there are 12  (14 for both larger sizes) sts between markers.

(You are going to place some stitches on holders here, so you can work on the thumb)
Next row: (This is a purl row)
P16 (you will have to remove marker for the 16th stitch); slip those stitches to a stitch holder, p 10 (12 - for both larger sizes) (this will become the thumb); slip remaining 16 sts to another holder (removing the marker).

THUMB: Work even for 4 (6) (8) rows.  K 2 tog across next row.  Break yarn; leave end for sewing.  Run yarn through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten.  Sew thumb seam.

TOP: Join yarn at beginning of 2nd holder, p to end of row purling right off the holders back onto needles.  Work even on 32 sts for 12 (14) (16) rows.
You can change colors on knit rows (right side of mitt)  if you wish to add stripes.

SHAPE/decrease TOP:
Row 1: (k 2 tog, k2) 8 times.
Row 2: Purl  
Row 3: (k2 tog, k1) 8 times. 
Row 4: P
Row 5: K 2 tog across. Break yarn; run through remaining sts and fasten.

Make a 2nd mitten in the same manner. Sew up seams by whip stitching or use the MATTRESS STITCH so it's 'invisible'.

Fasten mittens together with a safety pin to give them as a gift.

* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators as stated on their patterns. You may provide a direct LINK to the patterns on my pages, but you may NOT post actual full patterns anywhere in any media form. Any items made from patterns to Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too.