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Bear's Day Off
The First Box
Copyright Jan's Plastic Canvas 2007
Please Keep These Boxes Away From Young Children!
The Hot Glue Can Dry and the Small Pieces
May Come Loose!

Materials Needed:

1 or 2 sheets of clear 7 ct. plastic canvas
Green Yarn
White Yarn
Red Yarn
3 bears
game board
woodland creature

Center the blanket, and stitch in red and white.

The square to the left of the center is green, except for a small lake, where you will glue the third bear and the ducks, adding flowers and tree.

The square to the right of the blanket, has a stream, flowers, a tree.

The squares above and below are stitched in green, and flowers, and trees, and a woodland animal, glued to them.

The outside was stitched with a green ribbon,and green and white, up and down, stripes.

You can use any pattern you want, as long as it is edged in green.