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PET RUG or snuggly
copyright Bev Qualheim 2002, 2015

What doggie or kitty would not LOVE this soft, comfortable bed to lay on an sleep?  Perfect for your pets, or for shelter animals too!

Size K crochet hook
2 oz of scrap yarn - use or 2 or 3 strands together.  You can use worsted weight yarn, mixed with a boucle, rug yarn, or a sport-weight-- whatever suits your fancy!
Ch 40 (or however many you wish for the width)
Row 1 Triple crochet (TRC) across, ch 1 and turn
Now do 3 rows of SC, ch 3 and turn
Do 2 rows of DC, ch 1 and turn
Do a couple of rows of HDC, and so on and so on.
Just do different sts in every couple of rows ALWAYS working in the back st only to make ridges.      
Continue until the rug is the size you want it.
Single Crochet all the way evenly around the edge, making sure to do 2 sc, ch 2, sc 2 at each corner!
The rug above is approximately 15" x 11".

If you can't tell, this is a very forgiving pattern.  Just make it any way you want so that a shelter animal will be comfortable.