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This makes a quick and beautiful Christmas decoration for your home, or for a gift.   The Christmas potpourri just adds that lovely holiday scent to your home, as the lights warm around it.  It also gives you a sweet break from knitting and crocheting all those presents!

1 qt. canning jar 
1 string of 20 lights  (I recommend using LED lights as they stay cool)
1 small bag of potpourri

(or for a larger one, as shown in the photo - use a 2 qt jar, 1 string of 50 lights, 1 bag scented or unscented potpouri.)  
You can also use a 'rose bowl' and 20 lights

1 crocheted doily--8", rubber band and ribbon.

Layer some of the lights inside your jar, then add some potpourri, a few more lights,  potpourri etc. Continue layering to the top of the jar. Leave the plug hanging out of the top, sprinkle in some cinnamon or cloves to add more Christmassy scent. then finally, add the doily to cover the top.  Place a rubber band to secure the doily. Tie a ribbon around the lid. 

When  you plug it in,  the light warm the potpourri and it smells great!  

( CAUTION: The jar does get very warm, so do not leave unattended or where little ones could grab it.  For a cooler 'lites in a jar', use LED lights)


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