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Helping the 'Kaiizen Kids!'

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I was listening to the 'Mormon channel' recently and heard about this lovely organization called the Kaiizen Foundation, thought of all my generous online humanitarian crafting friends,  I just knew they would be the perfect place to help, and that my online crafting friends would be right there making blankets, dolls and other toys for these dear kids!

Calling all knitters, crocheters, sewers, quilters!  
The children in these orphanges can use handmade teddy bears, tanned skinned dolls, balls, 45" sq. blankets or quilts.  

It would be wonderful to have a doll/bear and blanket for every orphan! In 2015 they will taken to orphanages in Swaziland, India and Brazil by the Kaiizen Foundation!  This wonderful 501c3 charity travels to several places in the world, helping make life easier, and much better, for children in orphanages and WE can help them!

Their next trip will be June 15th, 2015 and items can be mailed to:

Joshua Brazier- Kaiizen Foundation - 221 Windrose Court, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Patterns:  Lots of good links to bears and dolls to make  are listed on this page:

Bev recommends these easy patterns to use:


baby quilt

1 1/4 yd of soft 45" wide fabric (for quilt top)
1 1/4 yd of soft 45" wide fabric  (for bottom of quilt) (Makes a quilt for a crib or a toddler-approx. 45" x 45") 
6 yds Silky binding (or simply tuck edges under and sew around)
2 ounces soft baby yarn or sport yarn (to tie the quilt)
Needle with large eye and sharp enough point to go through fabric layers
Batting ~ enough for a 45" quilt  (Crib size) Place all 3 layers together ~ top + batting + bottom.
Either stitch binding around, or tuck under and stitch around. 
Use needle and yarn to make "square knots" every 4" or so.

For more info on tying quilts go to:  Bev's Tied Quilts

info rrom Wikipedia
"Kaiizen (aka Kaiizen Foundation) is a non-profit organization that serves underprivileged children (mostly orphans) through a workforce of college-aged American volunteers. Founded by college students, Kaiizen has directed the efforts of thousands of volunteers and offered tens of thousands of dollars in aid to orphanages in Mexico since its inception in 2004."


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