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Crochet Pediatric IV Cover
~ Copyright Toni Kimmell  2003 - All Rights Reserved

PLEASE READ... these were created to cover the IV on little kids so they won't be so scared.  Be sure to check with your local hospitals to see if they want these for the kids.  We have been told that some hospitals don't want them anymore, because they can't see if there is a problem with the pic-line if it's under this.  Not sure why they can't take a peek under it, and I think most hospitals just do that. But be sure to check before you make a bunch.  They would work for fingerless gloves for kids too though.

kids IV coverSince hands come in all sizes, there’s no need to strictly adhere to these instructions
Hook -- J        Yarn -- 4 ply worsted weight -- I usually use a bright multicolored yarn to help hide any spots of blood that could get on the cover and alarm a child.
Instructions are for Small/Medium/Large -- the Large is going to be approximately 6” square before sewing seam. **Note -- while it is suggested you crochet in back loops only, I do crochet in both loops on the LAST stitch of each row (NOT first and last - just last). 
Chain 18/20/22 - turn HDC in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across, Ch 2 and turn
Working in back loops only throughout (this gives the cover some ‘stretch‘ to fit over the hand), HDC across each row, Ch 2 and turn -- continue for 11/12/13 rows. 
At this point, I turn my work, fold the long ends together and slip stitch a small seam catching the two loops of each stitch from the row just finished as well as the free loop from the beginning chain.  Slip stitch 8/9/10 chains of both sides together -- slip stitch in only the two loops of the previous row for 4/4/5 chains (to allow opening for the thumb) and then slip stitch both sides once more for remaining stitches.  Finish off and weave in ends.  If you prefer the side seam can be sewn rather than slip stitched -- be sure to leave an opening for the thumb.   

Bev's Thumb Addition
Using a size H hook and a small piece of contrasting yarn, join yarn anywhere around the thumb hole.  Sc in each stitch around thumb, repeat.

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