Project - BabyCare for Iraq

 Photos taken by Captain Marlin Payne, in Feb/March 2004
Letter received from Capt. Payne also: 

"Bev, Thanks for all that you and your volunteers do.  Your support does and will continue to make a difference here  in Iraq.  The soldiers also enjoy spreading good will to the people of Iraq.  It makes everyone feel a little better about being away from home when they see a smiling child and mother after they have given them a gift from Great Americans like ya'll."

(SPC Campbell at Daquq Clinic) Baby gets a nice warm jacket, and check out this little girl's smile as she is given a new hat of her very own! =)

(SGT Escobar at Daquq Clinic) This little girl gets a new knitted sweater, made by one of our readers!

Patient got a new hat and a beanie baby- her sisters are by her bed
This dear little girl has a beanie baby to love and a new hat.  Her sisters are by her bed.

NEW photos added May 25, 2004

Village-school in Iraq
Are these Village kids darling or what?  One thing I noticed right away was that there are not enough toys and hats for all of the kids!  The little boy on the bottom left of the photo broke my heart.  Look at his little face. It just makes me want to make more things so that all the kids can take home something of their own.

sad boy

iraq village school
More kids in the village. 2 in the front row have loomed hats!  I love it!  Note how she is wearing a donated brownies shirt too. My readers are the absolute best!  Thanks for all your help. We ARE making a difference.
loomed hat on happy girl

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