Preemie and Newborn Patterns

There are many tiny new babies in need of warm hats, and blankets. 
Preemie patterns
Newborn and Baby patterns
Hat size chart

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12" Preemie Blanket wonderfully soft and sweet - crocheted and tiny sized to keep little ones warm. 
15" (Sheila's) Preemie Blanket for that tiny new baby! (Also works up quickly for animal shelter blankets).
Preemie Baby ~ Bear Chart Blankie Follow the chart and make an adorable 20" preemie blanket. (You can also crochet around to make a larger blanket.)
25" Knit Isolette Cover Pattern many ICU's now cover the incubators to protect the preemies from noise and lights. Can also be made smaller just for the baby.
BB's Basketweave Preemie Blanket -   OFFsite- it's beautiful! You will want to make this one.
Bunny crocheted tiny bunny for sewing on preemie hats and blankets!
Double Crochet preemie blankie at Crochet Cabana
Ellen's Mindless Knitted afghan
JPFun's Thermal Preemie blanket
Ruths Lacy Shell Afghan NEW!
Ruths Burial Blanket NEW!

Sewing -pdf files
Preemie Bib   OFFsite- so sweet.  Can be made for Christenings.
PDF Files for Various Preemie items 
posted with permission from Shelley McCoy:
(You must download Acrobat Reader (free version) to read these sewing patterns~ but they are worth it! There are no written directions but most go together with a few seams.)
Preemie 10 minute booties
Preemie 30 minute booties ~ can be made with Polar Fleece
Preemie Bib
Preemie Shirt
Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece A
Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece B
Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece C

Burial Gowns for babies
1lb to 4 lb sizes Crocheted Burial gown, hat, booties -  from Touching Little Lives
Burial Gown  crocheted, for 3-5 lb baby. ~ OFFsite
Burial Gown -  crocheted, for 6-8 lb baby. ~ OFFsite
Crocheted Burial Gown and cap  courtesy of Care Wear.
Crocheted Burial Gown -open in back- Melinda Gorley's
Crocheted Burial gown with bonnet-  from Lynda's Crochet ~ OFFsite
Knitted Burial Gown from Beth- With photo. Adorable!
Knitted Burial Gown (updated link) OFFsite pattern courtesy of Carewear.
Loving Pouch to Bury Tiny Babies (6" or less) ~ (photo) courtesy of Afghans for Angels-MD ~ OFFsite
Lynda's Burial Dress for preemies - 9" length-crocheted ~ OFFsite
Preemie Crocheted Burial Gown for a boy~  design by Kimberly Carter
Preemie Crocheted Burial Gown for a girl~  design by Kimberly Carter
Sewn Gown for preemies Not necessarily for burial.
Sewing pattern for a burial gown at CareWear.

Tiny Burial Pouches
Beth's Preemie Baby 'Wrap'/ burial blanket (knitted)  ~ 
Burial Bunting - OFFsite at 
Burial Wrapper -  for tiny preemies (sewed) ~ OFFsite
Fetal Demise Pouch Sewed
Fetal Demise Pouch -  crocheted -granny style
Micro-preemie offsite (6" or smaller) burial bunting.


Baby Hat Sizes ~ *all measurements represent before hat is stitched up
Full-term:  Hat Circumference 11 to 11.5"  Height  =  7 to 7.5"
Large preemie:  Circumference 10.5" Height  =  6 to 6.5"
Medium preemie:  Circumference 9" Height  = 5 to 5.5"
Small preemie:  Circumference 8" Height  = 4 to 4.5"
X-Small preemie:  Circumference 6" Height  = 3.5"

Click for Another Preemie Baby Size Chart - at Touching Little Lives

Preemie Hats
Barbara's Sewn Baby Bonnet
Basic Bonnet and more Hats ~ crocheted (photo)
Bev's Preemie in the Round Hat ~ crocheted (photo)
Bev's Summer Preemie hat crocheted in shells (photo), with link to matching sweater and booties!
Bev's Stretchy Knit Preemie Cap  quick and cute! (photo)
Bonnet and Booties ~ Melinda Gorley's
Bunny Preemie Hat with photo. Bev's original design with special CRISS CROSS pompom topper.
GlowCanPick's 2G topper hat
Hugg'ems Preemie crocheted hat - with photo (adorable!)
JoAnn's Preemie crocheted hat OFFsite w/photo.
Lion Brand Crocheted Preemie hat
Lion Brand Knit Preemie Hat
Preemie Baby Bonnet--Sewing pattern from NANA
Preemie Hat Patterns Knitted and crocheted.
3 Sizes of Crocheted preemie hat (updated link) OFFsite at Carewear.
Really cute knit hat for preemies! OFFsite
Preemie Knit Hat (Photo) Easily made using double pointed needles.
Sandra's Toboggan Hat    NEWfor preemies
Sandra Knit 1- HAT   NEW
Susan's Crocheted Preemie Hat OFFsite ~ made in half crochet stitch w/photo.
Ventilator Hat with Flap for Scans ~ Knitted.    NEW!

Preemie Booties and mitts
Bev's VERY Easy Preemie Booties 2nd pattern on page. Double Crocheted and incredibly easy to whip up- rave reviews on these booties from all around! 
Preemie Booties for 1-2 lb preemie Offsite at Lisa's. Crocheted Preemie Baby Booties ~ 3 sizes of booties from Carewear
Crocheted Bootie Socks ~ (photo)
Bev's Easy Knitted Preemie Booties and Matching Hat
Jean's Fat little Baby Bootie - all sizes (offsite)
Hugg'ems Preemie or newborn mitts - crochet with photo
Kimberly's Quick to make Booties-   Newborn, can be made preemie with smaller hook.
Knit Tube socks for babies
Michelle's Preemie to Newborn Booties and hat  NEW!
Ribbed preemie to newborn booties 
Sharon's Preemie Baby Booties
Simple Crocheted Preemie Booties  NEW!
Stephanie's Preemie booties Crocheted- OFFsite.
Quick and Easy Preemie Leg Socks Crocheted- OFFsite

Preemie Sweaters
5 Hour Quick-Knit Baby Sweater Newly adapted and changed pattern--works great!
Basic Preemie Sweater OFFsite at Warm The Baby 
Crocheted Preemie Sweater for 2-3 lb-er   (OFFsite- with photo)
Half-DC sweater for 2-3 lb preemie  (OFFsite - crocheted)
Crocheted Preemie Sweater for 3-4 lb-er (OFFsite- with photo)
Crocheted Preemie Sweater for 5-6 lb-er  (Offsite with photo)
Crocheted Shell Preemie Sweater-  (Offsite with photo)
Crocheted Tiny Sweater in Shell st (photo) courtesy of Afghans for Angels-MD
Handknit Cardigan, hat and booties for preemies NEW!
Knit 3-5 lb Preemie Sweater (photo)
Preemie Shell Cardigan with matching hat -  (OFFsite - crocheted)
Preemie Cardigan (Crocheted)
Share-wear Baby Sweater
Sweet tiny crocheted sweater-  (OFFsite - crocheted)
Whole Preemie Set -  with sweater, hat and booties- - Offsite

Information about Carewear for Preemies  Find out about CareWear--dedicated to helping babies!

Where to Send Preemie and Newborn items
~*~List of Hospitals ~*~ (link updated-May 2001) who need preemie and baby items.
Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD ~ is in need of preemie-newborn items. 
Stokes Memorial Fund ~ items needed for preemies in memory of their triplets who died.

Since many of the ideas here are for making baby hats I thought we could use some size guidelines--keep in mind that the hats will stretch a little. These are based on the little hats I have made, and from talking to the nursery nurses hospitals. Since babies come in all sizes, any sized hat will be appreciated... but the most needed sizes are for the Full Term, Large and Medium Preemies.


NEWBORNS Hats and Mitts
Adorable Snowman Knitted Newborn Hat
Baby Hats - by Sandra  NEW!
Baby mittens (knitted)from Care Wear. 
Bobble Newborn hat in knit NEW!
Deanna's Newborn Hat in knit NEW!
And now presenting Bev's Very  Easy Newborn Mittens to match the booties!
More knit PREEMIE through Newborn Sized Mitts
Newborn Mittens knit (photo)
Sweater for Infant - Crocheted (there aren't too many crocheted patterns out there for baby sweaters) OFFsite.
VARIOUS BABY ITEMS Free newborn mittens, hats and bootie patterns for you to make and give to your local hospitals.
Weekend Baby Sweater ~ knitted, adapted to work pattern!
Melinda Gorley's Preemie patterns

Baby Booties crocheted in the round from GlowCanPick!
Bea's Booties - crocheted NEW!
Bev's Baby Tube Socks pattern and photo by Bev Qualheim--make a pair in your fave teams colors
Bev's VERY Easy Newborn and preemie Booties - (AND new mittens-to-match!) Double Crocheted and incredibly easy to whip up- rave reviews on these booties from all around!
Crocheted Baby Socks NEW!
Granny's Love Baby Booties Offsite pattern by Karen Gibson.
Jean's Fat Little Baby Bootie Crochet pattern ~ Offsite at crochetnmore!
Newborn Booties knit (photo)
Perle Cotton Booties  NEW!
Sandy's Newborn Booties - 3mths Booties (Crocheted)   
Sneaker Booties - crochet and so cute! (Offsite)

Bev and Sandy R's Baby Bear Blankie! NEW!
Blanket with Hood -lion brand 
Knitted Diagonal Stitch Afghan for babies
LionBrand Hooded Blanket
Lion Brand Rainbow Striped Baby Afghan
Loopy Shells afghan ~ (OFFsite)
Lion Brands Easy Does It  NEW!
Nursing Snuggle ~ wonderful baby shower gift
Seed Stitch Border AFGHAN

Baby bib (sewn)
Crocheted Bib
Easy Crocheted Bib
Granny Square Bib
Knitted Bib
Lenore's Adorable Bib
Pretty Crocheted Bib NEW!
Tracy Towel Bibs
Sewn Bibs

Softee Baby Solid YarnSoftee Baby Sparkle Solid Yarn - Choose a color!
Nice yarn for Baby afghans, hats, booties and more at JoAnns! Just click on photos to order!