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Calling All Relief Societies!
Lands Ends' Feel Good Campaign 2009
25,000 hats for homeless

"We shall go on in this work. There will always be a need. Hunger and want and catastrophes will ever be with us. And there will always be those whose hearts have been touched by the light of the gospel who will be willing to serve and work and lift the needy of the earth."
President Gordon B. Hinckley, General Conference May 2004

Between September 1st and December 30th 2009 Alan and Suzanne Osmond's One Heart Foundation's 'Warming Families' is teaming up with Lands' End to make and deliver 25,000 hats of all sizes, for those in need in America, and we are asking all LDS Branches, Wards and Stakes who would like to participate to join in the fun!

If your ward or stake would like to join this humanitarian challenge here are some steps to get you started:

1) Contact your Stake (or ward) RS President and tell her of this upcoming HAT challenge.  They will need to place someone in charge of keeping stats. for this - a Stake (ward) Humanitarian Specialist perhaps?

2) If you decide to join in and help make hats, check with your nearest Warming Families Area Volunteer to find out mailing information OR talk with people from your local domestic violence shelter, or homeless shelter to see if they need hats to give to clients. If you take this route, please report monthly all hats collected and made to KAYE ROGERS who is the manager of Warming Families.

3) Have your RS presidency set a Stake goal.  (Decide how many hats each ward could make).  Or do this on a ward/branch level.

4) See if a meeting can be set up so you (or whoever is in charge of this challenge in your area)  could present the idea to the ward humanitarian specialists and ward/branch RS presidents.

5) Get a list of email addresses and phone numbers for the humanitarian specialists, so you can keep track of numbers and have them report to you (or other chosen leader) at least monthly with a numbers update.

6) Keep track of wards/branches/number of hats made in Excel or another stats program.

7) Stake crafting days and potluck luncheons are fun ways to get those hats made.  Hats can be crocheted, knitted, loom knitted, whatever works, just make 'em warm and filled with love!

8) Involve your Young Women by holding Personal Progress evenings, making hats!

Vickie Howell, national knitting personality and host of the DIY Network’s Knitty Gritty is also working with Lands’ End to help instruct novice knitters as well as create hat patterns for the campaign.  Those will be posted on the Lanks' End website in September.... meanwhile here are a few patterns you can also use, or feel free to use your own.

Free Hat Patterns!

If you would like to see how the Logandale, NV Stake conducting a similar challenge a few years ago, click here.  Some of the links and information on there are no longer valid.

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