Ancestors of Beverly Ann JOHNSON


9260. Guillaume BLANCHARD

birth place may be Loudun, Vienne, France/Loudun, France per Maureen Anderson - 15 jul 2000 sq

On April 1 1636, the ship, St-Jean leaves the La Rochelle, France boundfor Acadie. It carries on board a vine grower from La Rochelle, LouisBlanchard, who is employed to work at his trade in Acadie for five years.He did not bring his family with him. Having decided to becomeestablished in Acadie and once his engagement is completed, return to, inorder to bring back his family with him.

In the autumn of 1641, he returns to Port-Royal, with his wife HughettePoirier who he married in France about 1610. With them is their son JehanBlanchard, born about 1611 in Poitou.

The census of 1686, they remain with their younger son , Guillaume, 35years old. Jehan is then 75 years old and Radegonde is 65 years old. Theyhave 4 rifles, 5 arpents in value, 16 animals with horns and 20 sheep.With the census of 1693, Jehan Blanchard and Radegonde Lambert died.

Birth Place may be Martaize, Loudun, Vienne, France - 23 Jul 2000 SQ

9261. Hugette dit Goujon POIRIER

Birthdate may be abt 1590. SQ 15 Jul 2000