Ancestors of Beverly Ann JOHNSON


4629. Martine GAUTHIER

Death place may be Riv-aux-Cunards, NS, Birth Date 1619, Death date 1711. SQ 15 Jul 2000

Martine was the grandmother of all the Acadian Gaudets of America. Bornin France, she married in Port Royal in 1645, 2 or 3 years after herarrival on the Ship Aulnay.

Death place may be St. Joseph, Acadie, d'Acadie, Canada, Date may be 1711 - SQ 23 Jul 2000

4630. Jean BLANCHARD

Birth place may be Port Royal, Annapolis, Acadia per Maureen Anderson - SQ 15 Jul 2000

Within a year of his arrival with his parents, Jehan Blanchard marries inPort-Royal, Radegonde Lambert, daughter of Jehan Lambert with an IndianMicmaque, about 1628 or 1629. If he were born into 1621, like says itthe census of 1686, it would have been born with the strong first ofPort-Royal, on northern bank of the Basin of Port-Royal.

In the Acadian census of 1671, Jehan Blanchard, farmer, is 60 years old,his wife Radegonde Lambert, 42 years. They have 5 arpents of groundcleared, with twelve animals with horns and nine ewes.

Birth Place may be Martaize, Loudun, Vienne, France - SQ 23 Jul 2000

4631. Rad├ęgonde LAMBERT

If Radegonde was born in 1621, as the census of 1686 states, she wouldhave been the first baby at Port-Royal, on northern bank of the Basin ofPort-Royal. She was only 12 or 13 years at the time of her marriage,which was the custom in Acadie at that time, because the girls to bemarried there are excessively rare. She would have been 20 years old, ifher birth was about 1621. Contrary to what occurs in New France (fils duroi), girls were not sent to be married in Acadie. The marriageable girlswere born there or came with their families.

4633. Marie MARTIN

Birth Date may have been 1637. SQ 23 Jul 2000

6592. Thomas SMITH

`Brinspittal', is a `phonetic' corruption of `Briantspuddle', a smallhamlet in Dorset, Dictionary of English Place names.
The name seems tohave been in the Doomsday Book under the `general' name of Pidele whichis translated as being `an
estate on the River (in this case, a lesserTrent) and from 1452, this particular one was owned by a man called Brian.
little south of the A35 main road. Nearest town is Bere Regis but thefamous `Tolpuddle (another extraction of Pidele) is
about 2- 3 miles NW.

6593. Joan DOAN

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6594. Samuel HINCKLEY

# EMIGRATION: 1635, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA

1589 - 31 Oct 1662

* BIRTH: 1589, Harrietsham, Kent, England [1210] [1211]
* CHRISTENING: 25 May 1589, Hawkhurst, Kent, England [1212]
* EMIGRATION: 1635, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
* DEATH: 31 Oct 1662, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA [1213]

Family 1 : Sarah SOULE

* MARRIAGE: 7 May 1617, Hawkhurst, Kent, England [4900] [4901]

1. Thomas HINKLEY
3. +Susannah HINKLEY
7. Elizabeth HINCKLEY
9. Elizabeth HINCKLEY
10. Samuel HINCKLEY
11. Samuel HINCKLEY
12. Unnamed HINCKLEY
13. Unnamed HINCKLEY
14. Unnamed HINCKLEY
15. Samuel HINCKLEY

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6596. Thomas DUNHAM

residences, Salem 1637, Newbury 1638, Salisbury 1639, Heverhill 1651where he was Town Officer

6619. Barbara STEVENS

William & Barbara ILSLEY sailed to America from Southampton, England, in April 1638 on the ship Confidence, accompanied by William's brother John and Barbara's
mother Alice and brothers John & William.


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