Ancestors of Beverly Ann JOHNSON


1152. Pierre SIRE

He helped build a church - did measurements.
Nova Scotia

1153. Marie BOURGEOIS

married twice - 1st married to Cyr
2nd marriage registered in Beau Bassin
9th June 1680 to Germain Girouard

1606. Andre SOUPLIS

"Huguenot Officer in French Army..."
"Was the sherrif of Germantown - immigrated to America 1684."

1648. Samuel SMITH

1 Samuel went to Woodbridge, N.J. in 1676 with his father and brothers Ichabod and Joseph. He received a grant of 103
acres in 1676, served inthe the N.J. Assembly and was a promiment citizen of Woodbridge. Hishomestead continued in the
family for 200 years. His will of 16/12/1719was proved 15/10/1729

1649. Esther DUNHAM

Both Ida Crozier et al & Grant Smith et al reach this couple thrudifferent routes/families- data being largely
complementarysupplementary. However, the ancestors for Esther Dunham is quitedifferent in the two works.

1651. Elizabeth BURTON

Was born in 1652 in the Barbados. She was left alone when all of thefamily members died and she was made a ward of
Major Nathaniel Kingsland.He took her to Long Island where she was given her release by the courtso that she was free to
marry John Shotwell in 1679. She died after 1719.