Ancestors of Beverly Ann JOHNSON


400. Ludwig George HORNUNG

"Came over on the Samuel, Aug 11, 1732"

1 Emigrated from Palatine area, via Holland; to banks of Susquehanna,Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, USA.
p154 (Bk 2, p. 266)
Victoria, BC

2 " KATHELINE KEYSER died on 7 March 1799 and LUDWIG HORNING died 4 June 1802. Both LUDWIG HORNING and his wife KATHELINE KEYSER are buried in the old section of the MENNONITE CEMETERY at the Lower Skippack Meeting House on Meeting House Road south-west of Skippack. Their tombstones are still in quite good shape and can be seen in row 7. Photographs of the tombstones, cemetery and Meeting House taken in 1994 are in my files. The Lower Skippack Mennonite Meeting House was first built in 1725 and was the second in Pennsylvania. The first was the Meeting House in Germantown. The present Meeting House at Lower Skippack is the third on the site."

He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at age 20 on 11 August 1732. He travelled on the ship "Samuel" commanded by Hugh Percy. It had started in Rotterdam, Netherlands and stopped at Cowes on the Isle of Wight in England to pick up supplies and wait for good weather.

LUDWIG took his oath of allegiance in Philadelphia Court on 25 September 1740.

The first land LUDWIG purchased was 137 acres from William Weyrean in Perkiomen and Skippack Township (which was called Van Bebber Township first and then Perkiomen and Skippack and finally Lower Providence Township). The deed was dated 14 February 1737/8. This land was sold to son John, for £300, on 30 January 1796/7 recorded 13 February 1797. Copies of these deeds are in my files.

LUDWIG and his wife KATHELINE KEYSER inherited from her father PETER DIRK KEYSER, land in Van Bebber Township, Philadelphia County, (later called Perkiomen and Skippack Township in Montgomery County). Transfer of the property was on deed dated 22 December 1743 recorded 24 January 1756/7.

LUDWIG purchased 50 acres from Durst Becker.6 August 1757. Copy in my file taken from Philadelphia County Deed Book "B" Page 106. I speculate that because of the small acreage, Ludwig bought this to control land on both sides of Perkiomen Creek for his mill dam. Much later he sold this land to son Jacob for £300. Copy of the deed in my files is dated 25 January 1797 recorded 13 February 1797 and taken from Montgomery County Deed Book 10 Page 152.

Source 2,3 and 4)


2 i. BARBARA HORNING (CA 1738-dec.)2 was born CA 1738

3 ii. PETER HORNING, SR. (1740-CA 1823) was born 1740

4 iii. MICHAEL HORNING (1744-1836) was born 3 April 1744

5 iv. ELIZABET HHORNING (CA 1746-dec.) was born circa 1746

6 v. MARGARET HORNING(CA 1750-dec.) was born circa 1750

7 vi. JOHN HORNING(1755-1803) was born 5 September 1755

8 vii. ELIAS HORNING (1761-1826) was born 1761

9 viii. JACOB HORNING (1761-1824) was born October 1761

401. Catherine KEYSER

KEYSER KATHELINE (CATELEYNTE) (1718-1799) 1734 in Skippack Twp, Montgomery, Co. Pa..

(KATHELINE (CATELEYNTE) KEYSER is #329.) KATHELINE KEYSER KATHELINE (CATELEYNTE) (1718-1799) was born 09 September 1718 in Germantown, Phil. Co. Pa. USA. KATHELINE was the daughter of PETER DIRCK KEYSER KEYSER PETER DIRCK (1676-1724) and MARGARET SUPPLEE SUPPLEE MARGARET (CA 1682-AFT 1744). KATHELINE KEYSER KATHELINE (CATELEYNTE) (1718-1799) died 7 March 1799 in Skippack Twp, Montgomery, Co. Pa., at age 80. Her KEYSER KATHELINE (CATELEYNTE) (1718-1799) body was interred after 7 March 1799 in Skippack Mennonite Cem. Pa..

408. John KELLY

Information provided by Dawn Pellman

moved to northern England. John's two brothers sailed for America andsettled in the colony of New Jersey.
arrived in America. They settled in New Jersey. John Sr, died in 1758,and is buried in Woodbridge, N.J
1758 with his daughter Elizabeth and his son George as witnesses. John'sbrothers Abraham and Enoch helped to maintain
their brother's family.
several children)
regiment during the American Revolution, and his wife, we believe, lefthim, or died. His sons, Jonathan, John Peter, and
Enoch accompaniedtheir uncle John Kelly 2nd in 1778, on a 10-year trek to Canada with 13other United Empire Loyalists
III 1751-1760.

412. John SMITH

1 John was one of the leading men of Middlesex County for a period of 40years before the revolutionary war. He was a
Corporal in Capt. Day'sCompany, 2nd Regiment, Middlesex County N.J., was also in the StateTroops and in the Continental
1755. He was a judge in 1761 and his father-in-law's will was probatedbefore him.