Ancestors of Beverly Ann JOHNSON


100. Isaac HORNING

1 Aaron HORNINGS father was Isaac HORNING (b. 1766 d. April 1852) He wasmarried to: Charity CRIPS (KRIBS)-not
sure on the surname. (b. 23 May1768 d. 19 Oct 1845)
1744, Elias 1761 John 1755, Jacob 1761, Elizabeth and Barabara), andPeter's father was Ludwig George HORNUNG (note
the difference inspelling)(b. 1712)

and is listed as 20 years old.)

in Germantown, PA to Margaret SOUPLIS (b. 1682)

ter HIMPEL (b. 12 Nov 1637 in Holland d. 12 May 1681 at only 43 yearsold)
first Mennonite Church in America and was the first reader from the biblein the church. The church is still there on
Germantown Avenue.(Germantown is now part of Philadelphia.)

STRESSINGER in Crefield, Rhineland. No birthdate on Gertrude.

102. John Peter KELLY

1 John Peter Kelley arrived in Upper Canada during 1788, in company of hisUncle John Kelley and his family, and his two
brothers, Enoch andJonathan Phillip. Being 14 years of age at the time, John Peter settledon the farm of his Uncle at
Beaverdams, Thorald Twp., Lincon County.
and was granted 200 acres in Ancaster Twp., Wentworth County.
born July 8th, 1781 in Sussex County N.J. She was the daughter ofMagistraite John Smith (1747-1846) and Anna Roy
(1752-1830). Like theKelley's the Smiths arrived in Upper Canada in 1788. The Smith's settledfirst in Grimsby Twp., and
later moved to Ancaster Twp. Magistraite JohnSmith is listed in the book, Loyalists Linages of Canada, Volume II PartI
(Toronto Branch: United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada) page1059. He is also listed in the book, The Old United
Empire LoyalistsList, United Empire Loyalist Centennial Committee (Toronto, Ont.),Genealogy Publishing Co., Baltimore,
1976, page 256.
They hosted Bible study groups in their home and helped to establish theBowman Church.
along with her parents, in the Bowman Church Cemetery, Ancaster Twp., Ont.
inhabitant of Upper Canada between the ages of 16 and 60 years who werejudged fit to bear arms had to enroll in the Militia
Regiment of hisCounty.
is a Private John Kelly listed as a member of the 1 st. Flank Company ofthe 5th Lincon Regiment. This John Kelly was
wounded between September25th and October 24th, 1812, most probibly during the battle of QueenstonHieghts as the 5th
Lincon Regiment was involved in that battle, whichtook place October 13, 1812. Whether this was John Peter Kelley
isuncertian. Two sons of John Kelley, Peter's uncle, are listed as Privatesin the 2nd Lincon Regiment who participated in the
battle at Beaverdams.