Ancestors of Beverly Ann JOHNSON

Twenty-fifth Generation

27017280. Nicholas de STAFFORD.


27017282. Ralph BASSETT.Ralph married Joane GREY.

27017283. Joane GREY.


27017290. Roger de TOENI was born in 1235 in Flamstead, Herefordshire, England. He died before May 1264. He married Alice De BOHUN. [Parents]

27017291. Alice De BOHUN was born in 1235.


27017296. Edward King of England LONGSHANKS Edward was born on 17 Jun 1239 in Westminster Abbey, London, Middlesex, England. He died on 7 Jul 1307 in Burgh-On-The-San, Cumberland, England. He was buried in West Minster. He married Queen of England Elenor after 5 Aug 1254 in Burgos, Burgos, Spain. [Parents]

27017297. Queen of England Elenor was born Burgos, Burgos, Spain. She died on 29 Nov 1290 in Herdeby, Lincolnshire, England.


27017298. King of France Philip IV ""The Fair"" was born in 1268 in Fontainebleau, Isle De France. He died on 29 Nov 1314 in Fontainebleau, Isle De France. The cause of death was Died during a hunt. He was buried on 9 Dec 1314 in St. Denis, Isle De France. He married Princess of Navarre Jeanne on 16 Aug 1284 in Notre Dame De Paris, Paris, Seine, France. [Parents]

27017299. Princess of Navarre Jeanne was born in Jan 1271/1273 in Bar-Sur-Seine, France. She died on 2 Apr 1305 in Chateaux De Vincennes, Vincennes, France. She was buried in Couvent Des Cordeliers, Paris, France. [Parents]


27017304. Humphrey de BOHUN VIII was born about 1276 in Of Pleshy Castle, Essex, England. He died on 16 Mar 1321/1322 in Boroughbridge, York, England. He married Princess of England Elizabeth PLANTAGENET. [Parents]

27017305. Princess of England Elizabeth PLANTAGENET was born on 14 Nov 1302 in Westminster, London, England. She died on 5 May 1316 in Quendon, Essex, England.


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