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Bev's Cloth And Sock Wrappers

Dress up your own handmade cloths, socks or slippers with these Bev's original Cloth wrappers- $3.50 per PDF file
(pattern included with each set ordered)     CLICK on an image to see larger image.  (The PDF files you receive are perfect--photos are not.)

Order one set and print out as many as you wish from that one PDF file that will be emailed to you.  They sure dress up a plain dishcloth!

CLICK on a wrapper image to see larger image.  (Order at the bottom of this page!)


Sock/Slipper Wraps                                                                                                                  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Camping/picnic wrappers!

Choose the type of wrap you wish to order and add it to your cart. 
Come back and order another kind by changing the item on the drop down menu.

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* COPYRIGHT: These Bev's WRAPPERS are Copyright 2012 solely to Beverly A. Qualheim.  After purchase you may print them out for your own use only.  Do not share the PDF file but please send people to Bev's Dreamin' Shop to purchase their own. All Rights Reserved.