Gifts for Our Savior

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Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, we forget to focus on the Savior Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate.  This family tradition can help us to focus on the true reason for Christmas.

* On Christmas eve, each family member can write a letter to the Savior. 
* In this letter make a list of some of the blessings you have received during the year, and some of the things you are most grateful for. 
* Then write of the gifts YOU will give to the Savior in the coming year. 
These should be heartfelt goals to help you become a better person.  For example, a child might choose to try hard to not fight with a sibling during the year.  A teenager might resolve to treat other people with more kindness, or to give at least an hour of service to others each month.  Adults may resolve to not be judgmental, or to not become angry.  Each gift should be thought about and honest.

Place these letters in a special box.  The box could be any shoe box or other box that has been decorated for this purpose.  Put the box away at the end of the season.  Storing it with the Christmas decorations will ensure that you will find it next Christmas.

Next Christmas eve, sit down as a family and take out and read the letters that were written the previous year.  Each family member should read his letter to the rest of the family.  Then write a new letter to be read next year.  This is a great opportunity to be reminded of the many blessings we have in our families.  It is a good time to express love and kindness.  And it is a good time to resolve to live a more Christ like life.

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