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Bev's Preemie Knit Booties and Matching Hat
fits 2-3 lbs babies
(Copyright Bev Qualheim 1998, 2011 - All Rights Reserved.  Do not post on other websites, copy into emails etc)
This is a very easy preemie baby bootie to make. Matching hats and booties are always welcome.
Be sure to tie sets together and not pin them (as pins might rust).

Materials needed are: 1 oz baby yarn.
size 6 knitting needles (use larger to make slightly larger booties)

Gauge using Bernat Softee Baby yarn: 4 sts = 1"   7 rows=1"
bootiescast on 22 stitches
Rows 1 - 7 - garter stitch (knit back and forth)
Row 8: bind off 1st 2 sts, knit remainder
Rows 9 - 11: repeat row 8
Rows 12 - 18: garter stitch
Row 19: Bind off all remaining stitches.  Cut yarn 10" long, thread onto needle.
To Finish Booties: weave yarn tail from top of bootie, down inside to top of foot, sew around foot top and toe then bottom of bootie.  Fold top down and leave it open for ease of placing on preemie feet.

Bev's Stretchy Knit Preemie Cap
copyright 2001, 2008 Bev Qualheim

This cap can be made for a boy or girl preemie, and fits from 2 - 3 lbs  or (4 - 5 lb) babies. It is super fast to knit up flat, fold in half to seam.
1 oz. of sport or baby yarn
Size 8 knitting needles (size 5 Canadian and English -5.5 mm)

hatLoosely cast on 36 sts, (48 sts)
Rows 1-5: k2, p2... repeat across
Rows 6-?: Knit all rows (garter st) for 4 (5) inches total from beginning row.
Decreasing row 1: Knit 2 together across row (18 (24) sts left)
Next row: knit across.
Next decreasing row: Knit 2 together across row. (9 (12) sts left)
Next row: knit across.
Cut yarn leaving a 12" tail.  Thread a large eye needle with the yarn and gently remove the 9 sts left on the needle.  Carefully weave the needle through the 9 sts and pull tightly to gather top of hat.  Now fold hat in half and whip stitch the sides together to form hat.
Add a homemade pompom.

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