"Life washes by us as waves out to sea,
    hurrying us through its wild emotions;
    And, until we stop to kneel in thanks,
    then rise and lift another in need,
    the tide can wash us away with life's petty worries..."
    ------------Beverly A. Qualheim----Copyright--2003-------------


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    All poems Copyright 2004 Beverly Johnson Qualheim

    Endure to the End
    Pregnant Spring 1990
    My Sleeping Child
    The Path
    Mountain of Glass
    English Childhood
    The Road
    Celestial Child
    Birthday Joy

    Endure to the End
    copyright 2003, 2006  Beverly A.Qualheim

    I know one thing, that as unsure as life seems
    my Father in Heaven is in control
    As I stumble, then learn,
    As I think the unthinkable,
    He is there to steer my course.
    He, the great Liahona.

    Pressing forward, with a perfect brightness of hope
    is no easy task, if I try alone
    To carry the heavier yoke
    To wonder why - with no answers,
    Christ is there to ease the burden.
    He, the great I AM.

    As a Lighthouse beaming o'er the treacherous shore
    See the light that scatters darkness,
    So when we trip and fall
    Christ is there to catch us
    Helping us to Endure to the end.
    We, sons and daughters of God.

    "Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect
    brightness of hope and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press
    forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the
    Father: Ye shall have eternal life."
    2 Nephi 31:20


    copyright 1990 - 2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    moves in quietly
    taking the northern snows
    to the afterlife of lake superior
    buds appear...
    at once inperceptible,
    soon swelling to fill the air
    with bouquets of lingering perfume.
    Winter's tranquil landscape now rippled
    with life's renovation.

    From my secluded upper window
    I watch breathless,
    as the new life inside me
    stirs as one with the universe.

    copyright 1985 -2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    I'm sitting here reflecting
    As yet another person I've grown to love
    Slips away from my life
    I've handled this before,
    And had the courage to nurture the pain,
    by giving love to others.
    But it doesn't get easier and the sorrow
    still burns as deeply
    My heart aches for the loss of your spirit
    in my daily life...
    Your laughter, joy and the gospel I felt
    with your presence.
    Perhaps that's what being 'celestial' is all about.
    ... A reason to reach for the Sun

    "The pain of love is the pain of being alive.
    It is a perpetual wound."  Maureen Duffy -English Playright

    (Sunrise in Logandale Nevada Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2004)

     copyright 1999  Beverly A.Qualheim

    I saw beauty, resplendant
    in the morning sky.
    Early clouds
    echoed the sun's pastels
    Blues and pinks
    melded into colors
    of ancient light
    and spread across the earth.
    I drew heavenward
    mind and spirit
    Filled with splendor and joy
    a dawning in Genesis
    When Adam 1st walked the earth.

    MY SLEEPING CHILD  (for Christopher 1985)
    copyright 1985 -2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    I look at you
    As the sleep flits quietly upon your brow.
    The day is ended
    And now new adventures
    Await you in the night.
    How much I love you.

    The bitter sting of parental chaos
    Is somehow soothed
    As I feel the sweet angelic presence
    In your room.
    A new day shall pour forth
    Upon the earth,
    And this stillness will pass,
    Bringing tomorrow
    Many tomorrows
    Which shall draw you into maturity
    Strong and noble before our Heavenly Father.
    ...And I shall be near, within your heart.

      copyright 1998 -2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    I walked along a path that day
    Worn and beaten smooth
    Feeling the sinking dirt,
    cold beneath my feet,
    while seeking enduring strength.
    I thought of Jesus Christ
    how his tired feet felt dirt
    cold beneath his toes,
    yet... stable underneath;

    And I smiled as warmth
    filled my tear stained soul,

    Comforted by common ground
    Knowing I can walk
    that solid path the Savior trod.

    copyright 1996 -2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    Mum and I walked hand in hand
    Each morn toward the village square,
    On cobblestones, by flowers grand
    Strewn near the path that led us there.

    White blossoms trod in Springtime
    Their fragrance filled the breeze,
    Horse chestnuts in the Autumn
    Mid archives of antique trees.

    Today my soul still yearns
    For memories stored inside,
    And there longs to return
    To childhood's English Countryside.

    THE ROAD (pregnant with a fourth child)  March 1990
    copyright 1990 - 2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    (I wrote this when I was newly pregnant, after experiencing premature labor,
    total bedrest and deep earthly trials with my other 3 babies.  I knew I must bring this child into the world,
    but the fear was real, the shakiness of enduring yet again, and praying this baby would live also.)

    I walked cautiously, prayerfully
    entering this path with hope
    yet pondering if hope envisioned was illusion
    not reality.

    I know I must bring you here
    blinding fear fills my mind
    As crystaline tears wash away
    dashed dreams.

    Ease never did bring courage
    instead it is born of hardships;
    Trials strengthen my walk and endurance
    brings light.

    copyright 1994 - 2004  Beverly A.Qualheim

    A moment of pure rapture
    With love that wells up
    Until sweet tears of joy flow.

    I behold such beauty in your tiny face
    Celestial child, entrusted to our care.
    Trusting newborn eyes gaze upward
    upon my smile
    And my heart soars Heavenward
    Knowing you have so recently
    gazed upon the Father...

    copyright 2003  Beverly A.Qualheim

    May you have a year filled with joy, 
    Days that radiate love and hope, 
    Trials that bring spiritual growth, and increased faith. 
    May your tears be dried by Angels. 

    May you know Strength from Father in Heaven, 
    See the light that scatters darkness, 
    And feel the Eternal Peace of our brother Jesus Christ 
    As you traverse the path He chose.


    And one from TOTLINE when I used to write for them

    Zoo Fun

    As we go walking through the Zoo
    This is what we'll see,
    Elephants and hippos,
    And monkeys in a tree.

    Tigers roaring loudly,
    Giraffes who stand so high,
    Dolphins swimming freely,
    And parrots in the sky.

    So let's all go walking,
    Having fun the whole day through,
    As we go on our field trip,
    To the friendly city zoo.

    Beverly Qualheim

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